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The Beachy Head Lighthouse

Beachy Head is a very special place.

It is magical, spectacular, breath-taking, wild and natural.

I am fascinated by the lighthouses of Beachy Head, both Belle Tout and also the 'new' lighthouse at the base of the cliffs. I have been researching their history for years and am recognised as an expert on both lighthouses. Click here if you would like to read more about my involvement with the lighthouses, otherwise this is all about the Beachy Head Lighthouse.

The Beachy Head Lighthouse makes a very special appearance in a recent feature by France2. Together we walked to the lighthouse where I explained all about the history of the lighthouse and how it was built and constructed.

We reached the lighthouse at low tide and walked up the steps onto the landing platform. We did further filming around the base of the lighthouse and got a rare glimpse of the south side of the lighthouse which you can't see from the clifftop.

It was a fantastic day and I enjoyed spending time with Léna and Laura from France2. It is incredible to realise the amount of effort that goes into filming some of these features. Five hours walking and filming for around one minute of actual footage.

I was also lucky enough to be at the Belle Tout Lighthouse for the next stage of filming but I only make a very small appearance in the lantern room. That piece was all about the lighthouse, David Shaw and how he turned it into an amazing place to stay.

The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse

The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse

The book that helped support of the Save the Stripes campaign

Looking for photos of the Beachy Head Lighthouse?

I have an extensive range of photos of the Beachy Head Lighthouse available on Flickr.

Beachy Head Lighthouse August 2023

Beachy Head Lighthouse Save the Stripes

Beachy Head Lighthouse June 2013

Historical, Various and Artistic

My photography has been used in books, magazines, by film production companies and on TV around the world.

Please contact me first if you would like permission to use any of my photos, which photos you would like to use and for what purpose.

I don’t charge for use of my photography by I appreciate a credit

Beachy Head Lighthouse Cam
Recent image from Belle Tout’s Beachy Head cam

Beachy Head Tide Tables

With thanks to Eastbourne Borough Council you can download the tide tables booklet or visit their website for more information and to buy a tide booklet.

Walking to the Beachy Head Lighthouse

It is a fantastic experience to be able to see the Beachy Head Lighthouse up close, but, before you do so, please read this information about walking to the lighthouse.

A Talk by Rob Wassell

I perform talks about the Lighthouses of Beachy Head and would welcome the opportunity to talk to your group about the fascinating history, construction and life of Beachy Head’s amazing lighthouses.
Book my lighthouse talk.

How old is the Beachy Head Lighthouse?

The light from the Beachy Head lighthouse first shone on the 2nd October 1902.

The lighthouse is 122 years old.

You can read more about the history of the lighthouse.