Photos of the Beachy Head Lighthouse

by Rob Wassell

The Beachy Head Lighthouse taken off Beachy Head with the Belle Tout Lighthouse in the distance

I am a professional photographer and have been published the world over in print, on the web and also appeared at the Tate as part of a contemporary exhibition called ‘Where are we now’. My photos have been used by TV, newspapers, magazines, film companies and fellow authors and writers.

A selection of photography covering the Beachy Head Lighthouse, Beachy Head, Belle Tout, Cuckmere and the Seven Sisters is available on Flickr.

If you would like to use any of these photos please contact me.

Beachy Head and Lighthouse

Belle Tout and Beachy Head

Cuckmere and the Seven Sisters

Old Photos and Engravings

If you have any specific requirements for photographs then let me know as I have tens of thousands of other shots. I can also be commissioned for photography if required.