Lighthouse Talk

I have performed talks for the National Trust and various groups and organisations such as The Eastbourne Rotary Club, Worthing Society and Look and Sea in Littlehampton to name but a few.

Beachy Head Lighthouse Talk by Rob WassellMy standard talk on The Lighthouses of Beachy Head, about both lighthouses is one hour, however, I can talk individually about the Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head Lighthouse or my work with the trust and adjust to fit available time required as necessary.

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    I love talking  about the lighthouses of Beachy Head so every opportunity I get is a welcome one.

    Subjects available:

    • Standard Talk
      • The Lighthouses of Beachy Head
    • Specific Subjects
      • The Chalk Cliffs & Coastal Erosion
      • The Belle Tout Lighthouse
      • The Beachy Head Lighthouse
      • The Belle Tout Lighthouse Preservation Trust

    Thank you for your interest in my talks.